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I AM Healthy - Vitamin D3 with Oregano Oil (Spray)

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I am Healthy is a roundhouse kick to cough and flu symptoms. Supports fast recovery and sore throat relief so you can get back to feeling healthy fast!

Each bottle contains 30 sprays of gladiator support against cough, cold and flu symptoms.

Benefits CheckUnparalleled bioavailability. Maximum Immunity boosting.

Benefits CheckConvenient liquid spray. No unnecessary ingredients.

Benefits CheckSore throat & cough relief. Oregano power punch.

Benefits CheckThyme disinfectant and antibacterial. Viral load reduction.

Benefits CheckQuell your cough. Antispasmodic support.

Benefits CheckHappy heart. Positive mood. Cardiac health.


Vitamin D3 plays a vital role in cardiac health and fighting off infection. Maintaining optimal levels of this vitamin will result in a heightened immune system, increased energy, and elevated mood. It also helps regulate calcium and phosphorus in the body which helps maintain strong bones & teeth while maintaining healthy muscles.  

Oregano Oil has some pretty incredible properties; antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidative. Due to its high levels of the compound, carvacrol, Oregano oil is considered a natural antibiotic and is known to be most effective against respiratory and flu viruses. It also noted that because it has an analgesic effect, it may also help with painful flu symptoms such as body aches and sore throats. Oregano oil is also a powerful antioxidant as it assists in removing free radicals and oxidative stress from the body. Additionally, Oregano oil assists the gut by reducing fungus and bacterial overgrowth in the intestines.  

Thyme Oil is a powerful antifungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. It contains the compound thymol, which is antispasmodic, making it excellent for reducing coughs and the duration of respiratory tract infections. Thymol is also effective at reducing infection. Another compound, carvacrol, is a highly effective anti-inflammatory agent with cardioprotective capabilities making it beneficial for people with heart disease.

Vitamin K2 is an awesome support vitamin and plays an integral role in the process of blood clotting.  This vitamin helps to reduce calcification and buildup in the arteries making it vital in supporting a happy and healthy heart.

Rallis Ice Pressed¬ģ Olive Oil¬†is the ultimate carrier oil for vitamins, nutrients and minerals because it exhibits higher levels of bioavailability than any other carrier oil on the market. Your body will absorb up to 47% more of the vitamins it carries. Rallis Ice Pressed¬ģ Olive Oil also exhibits incredible flavour and benefits a healthy heart.

Inactive Ingredients:¬†Organic Rallis Ice Pressed¬ģ Olive Oil, Vitamin E, Phosphatidylcholine.



Adults and adolescents 14+:Spray up to 9x daily in the mouth at the onset of cold or as often as needed.