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Olive Farmacy

Decongestant Inhaler

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Inspired by traditional herbal medicine, this convenient tube of pure plant oils help provides temporary relief of nasal congestion.


100% Organic,
Extra Virgin, Ice PressedĀ® Olive Oil

Harvest Details

Country of Origin: Greece

Olive Variety:
Harvest Type: Early,

Harvest Method:
Harvest Date: November 15, 2020 to December 21, 2020.

Pressed:Ice pressed Ā® within hours of pickingĀ 
Organic, RAW, Ice pressed Ā® Extra Virgin
Unblended, unfiltered


Store in a cool dark place. Refrigeration not necessary.

Stuffed Peppers, Greek Food, Vegetarian, Vegan, Greek Recipes, Rallis Olive Oil

stuffed peppers

one of our favourite family recipes!

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