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Why Choose Rallis Co?

We are dedicated to producing the finest olive products, including Rallis Ice Pressed® Olive Oil and Olive Farmacy skincare. Not only will you enjoy the delightful culinary experience of our Rallis Olive Oil, but you’ll also experience the incredible benefits of Olive Farmacy skincare, harnessing the natural nourishing properties of olive oil to enhance your skin’s health, radiance and vitality!


Our Best Sellers

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 Certified RAW Certified Clean Olive Oil

Certified R.A.W. & C.L.E.A.N.

We are renowned for our commitment to producing clean & raw olive oil of the highest quality. With a strong emphasis on purity & authenticity, Rallis Olive Oil has obtained rigorous certifications that validate its dedication to maintaining the integrity of its products. The "Clean Certification" guarantees that Rallis Olive Oil is free from any artificial additives, chemicals, or contaminants, ensuring a natural and unadulterated experience for consumers. Additionally, the "Raw Certification" confirms that the olive oil is extracted using cold-press methods, preserving the nutritional value and exquisite flavor of the olives. Rallis Olive Oil's clean and raw certifications serve as a testament to their unwavering pursuit of excellence and our commitment to providing customers with a genuine and exceptional olive oil experience.