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All-Natural Vaginal Dryness Relief - Restore Comfort, Moisture & Freshness

All-Natural Vaginal Dryness Relief - Restore Comfort, Moisture & Freshness

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Are you experiencing vaginal dryness, irritation, discomfort, or unwanted odors? Our Vaginal Restoration Salve is the perfect solution for nourishing and hydrating delicate intimate areas. Formulated with high-quality, natural ingredients like calendula-infused high-polyphenol olive oil, shea butter and pure essential oils, this soothing salve provides long-lasting relief from dryness while helping to neutralize odors and restore your vaginal health.

Gentle, Effective Ingredients for Intimate Care

Calendula-Infused High-Polyphenol Olive Oil: Rich in antioxidants, fatty acids and calendula's soothing properties to deeply moisturize dry, irritated skin.

Shea Butter: Intensely hydrating with anti-inflammatory properties to calm irritation.

Vitamin E: Nourishing antioxidant that protects and repairs delicate tissues.

Pure Essential Oils: Help neutralize odors and provide a light, natural fragrance.

100% Natural, Gentle for Sensitive Skin

Multi-Purpose Vaginal Dryness & Odor Treatment

Whether you're experiencing dryness and odors due to menopause, breastfeeding, medications, or other factors, our salve can be used as an everyday moisturizer, personal lubricant during intimacy, or targeted treatment for vulvar discomfort, irritation and odors. Simply apply a small amount as needed for immediate soothing relief and freshness. Restore your vaginal health, comfort, confidence and freshness with our all-natural, Vaginal Restoration Salve. Give your most delicate areas the nourishing, deodorizing care they deserve.



Rallis Ice Pressed® Olive Oil (Oleo Europea) infused with Calendula Flower, Shea Butter (Butyrospermum Parki), Real Ontario Beeswax (Cera Alba), Vitamin E (Tocopherol), Proprietary Essential Oil Blend: Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia), Bergamot (Citrus Bergamia), Palmarosa (Cymbopogon Martinii Oil)

Olive Oil & Skincare

High polyphenol olive oil is rich in Vitamin E and other antioxidants and nutrients. It has been proven to reduce inflammation and provide deep moisturization without clogging pores. Additionally, it can help with collagen production and rejuvenate and heal damaged skin. All of our skin care products are made with Rallis Ice Pressed® Olive Oil. 

Care Information

Apply as needed. Discontinue use if skin becomes irritated. External Use Only.Store in a cool place away from heat or direct sunlight.

Country of Origin

Made in Canada.

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Vaginal Restoration, Pregnancy, Birth, Menopause

Understanding Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness is a common condition that affects women of all ages. It occurs when the vaginal walls lack proper lubrication, leading to discomfort, itching, and pain during sexual intercourse. While hormonal changes associated with menopause are often the primary cause, other factors can contribute to vaginal dryness as well.

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